Bar Refaeli Vs. Irina Shayk @ Cannes

She’s got legs, she know how to use them, now with relativity that recently Jennifer Laurence wanted to grow a beard on Jimmy Fallon like ZZ Top? Yikes. Bar Refaeli Vs. Irina Shayk @ Cannes in regards to nice legs? Tough call. Although both Bar Refaeli & Irina Shayk appear to be obviously wanting to show off really only one leg each, so maybet what they are saying is that they are actually participating together. Sounds kinda expensive, with relativity to both the United States deficit and space programs being ridden out by any persons with money (usually who are your boss, whom you always comment “damn that _____ is an idiot, how the eff does he have all that money …


… and I don’t have all that money?”). Speed of light multiplied x100 smashing asteroids, is like having to look at Angelina Jolie‘s stubby torso all the time (knowing that is what really makes Angelina mad (motivated?; motivated for jeopardy as a living without at least first attempting to make all luxury free for all; mechanized assembly lines, as opposed to optionally dominating and living better for example with a stubby torso merely because you can pretend or create pretend effectively? (amongst the multitude of various other scenarios and ways of just about any way, devised so that we can be equal, although we’re not, because all that is required of us is to be the artificial intelligent creations of whatever created all of this as basic format, the rest is up to us). Brad Pitt should date a swimsuit model.

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