'Back To The Future' day is over for 2015, however the legacy is forever

Back To The Future is somewhat of a modern film noir classic (as well as the first Gremlins also), and not to mention an awesome science fiction movie for generations and generations to enjoy. So far there hasn’t been a BTTF reboot (although there hasn’t been a reboot for Gremlins either), although fans can probably anticipate one within the next 7 years or so. Both are most likely Hollywood secret weapons, kept real hush hush.


Even when (you can’t really say ‘if’ these days) there is a BTTF reboot, the original Back To The Future trilogy will always be awesome. Sadly though, it as well as the original Superman movie seemed to of cursed their lead actor – coincidence or not, that’s not cool. Very sad to say the least. On a brighter note, marking the 30th anniversary of Back To The Future, a really nice treat, was that yesterday October 21, 2015, was officially Back To The Future day! A day to honor the classic movie and all it’s fandom. Micheal J. Fox, Christopher Loyd, Huey Lewis, and Lea Thompson joined the festivities, completely stoking fans out.


Thinking of making your own DeLorean time machine? You can find quite a few for sale on carsforsale.com, in the $30,000 price range even. The DeLorean confiscated that John DeLorean was driving on October 19, 1982, when he was arrested on his way to obtain and distribute 55 pounds of cocaine, is probably not for sale.


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