Ashley Greene Does The Venice Film Festival, animal style all the while

2014 Venice Film Festival Ashley Greene Burying The Ex PremiereUsually (however not yet U.N.-usually) seen gallivanting with various creatures in the Twilight Saga franchise, Ashley Greene’s career as an actor and model has pretty much been in-demand for quite some time now. True that she was somewhat controversial in the movie Butter, however she hasn’t yet had any nude photos leak onto the internet (much to the dismay of Ashley Green fans probably). Should celebrities feel left out when they can’t join in all the nude photo leaking fun? Probably would depend on the celeb (as exposés jealously forged to end careers are even on-screen however, for instance Mimi Rogers posing in Door In The Floor).

2014 Venice Film Festival Ashley Greene Burying The Ex Premiere 2

Ashley Greene’s most recently completed acting project is the character Evelyn in the motion picture Burying The Ex. Some of Ashley Greene’s up and coming film projects include Max & Me, playing the role of Priscilla Presley in Shangri-La Suite, and Staten Island Summer where she topless sun-baths for all the Ashley Greene fans. Celebrity Gossip