As was anticipated by many, Taylor Swift has returned to Instagram with new teaser video

Although some thought that she would probably also return to Instagram and then magically make all of her previous posts and comments on posts re-appear, Taylor Swift has return however only with a teaser video of what appears to be possibly a dragon’s tale (?).

So this probably means that Taylor has been working on some new music soon to be out. Taylor Swift’s twitter appears to still pretty much be intact, comments and all, including of course thousands of comments about the new elusive reptile tale or whatever video.

Taylor’s Instagram (that received over a million views in the first hour of her latest (and only) post) however doesn’t appear to have comments allowed, and it was seem possible at this point like Taylor Swift is in fact obviously not a fan of Instagram, as an an extreme marketing scheme such as deleting all of your Instagram previous posts, would probably then consist of allowing comments on the then focal Celebrity Gossip