As if Rihanna doesn’t have enough fans as it is, she fans herself at Fenty x Puma PFW 2016 show

Rihanna is one of the most popular celebrities in the world and ever, so that means of course she has lots of fans, however sometimes Rihanna likes an actual fan to fan herself (although Rihanna is probably a fan of herself while she fans herself also).


Rihanna fans are for sure fans of Rihanna while she fans herself. Rihanna fans are fans of Rihanna doing just about anything (accept getting beat down by Chris Brown).


Fashion fans who are fans of Rihanna got a double dose of Rihanna recently during the next stop on the fashion week circuit Paris Fashion Week 2016, where Rihanna Fenty x Puma line fashion show was in full effect.

as-if-rihanna-doesnt-have-enough-fans-as-it-is-she-fans-herself-at-fenty-x-puma-pfw-2016-show-1as-if-rihanna-doesnt-have-enough-fans-as-it-is-she-fans-herself-at-fenty-x-puma-pfw-2016-show-3 Celebrity Gossip