An Emily Ratajkoswski nip-slip, nothing you haven’t seen before intentionally (although not recently)

Actress and supermodel Emily Ratajkoswski‘s boobs are pretty famous as being celebrities themselves, and so of course when Emily Ratajkoswski’s boobs get the chance (even though Emily Ratajkoswski maybe isn’t officially or intentionally presenting them) you can’t really blame them for wanting to peek out at the cameras from time to time.

One of Emily Ratajkoswski’s boobs did just that recently during Paris Fashion Week 2017, and it might be Instagram’s fault for making Emily Ratajkoswski keep her boobs contained all the time. Yes indeed Emily Ratajkoswski is in the celebrity wardrobe malfunction club, subcategory nip-slip.

Emily Ratajkoswski recently expressed to Allure magazine that it really bothers her that ‘people are so offended by breasts‘. Emily Ratajkoswski has of course posed fully nude and or topless (for examples of this you can google ‘Emily Ratajkowski naked’ for instance) plenty times for various publications . Celebrity Gossip