Amy Adams revisits some ‘American Hustle’ 70’s style in bell-bottom jeans

One of the movies that Amy Adams is known for is of course David O. Russell’s American Hustle, and you can’t help but be to instantly reminded of the 2013 film when you see Amy Adams in some sexy retro bell-bottom jeans.


Seen out and about in Los Angeles recently, Amy rocked her bell-bottom jeans, complete with retro-esque purse, shoes, and top also.


Amy Adams’ most recently movies that now in theaters is JJ Abrams’ Arrival, also staring Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

amy-adams-revisits-some-american-hustle-70s-style-in-bell-bottom-jeans-2Adams joins fashion and cinema once again later this year with Nocturnal Animals directed by fashion icon Tom Ford. Nocturnal Animals also stars Jake Gyllenhaal and is set to hit theaters Decemeber 9, 2016.

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