Alison Brie is a 1980’s wrestler in Los Angels for the TV show G.L.O.W

Looks like Alison Brie is going to deliver some smack downs for her next role. Seen recently on the set of Comedy, Drama, Sport show G.L.O.W (a television show about a group of 1980‘s …


… professional women wrestlers called the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) Brie supplied some of her acting skills as one of the main characters of the show, Ruth.

alison-brie-is-a-1980s-wrestler-in-los-angels-for-the-television-show-g-l-o-1alison-brie-is-a-1980s-wrestler-in-los-angels-for-the-television-show-g-l-o-2alison-brie-is-a-1980s-wrestler-in-los-angels-for-the-television-show-g-l-o-4 Celebrity Gossip