Alessandra Ambrosio tatted

By Tyltyüeh Ober

Everyone and their Grandchildren have tattoos these days, something that most claim is more of a personality statement than fashion, however that’s completely idiotic, because it’s a fashion statement. It’s like acting like you are oblivious right?; it’s like acting like you’re cool and oblivious, and that is an attitude, and thus when a design or common element of any kind is applied to an attitude, you’ve made it a fashion. So let’s say for a second …


… one day you could be all tatted, then the next you aren’t all tatted. Tattoo fanatics and tattoo artists should really look into temporary tattoos, or that is someone should invent a way to make those look just like real tattoos or maybe better. Then people could have a new tattoo whenever, or none. If you want, you could even get the same tattoo again.

Picture shown is of course not Alessandra Ambrosio with the tattoos, however in fact Casey Patridge, sister of Audrina Patridge. Celebrity Gossip