Adele releases first single in three years "Hello", Adele fans are ecstatic

It’s been three years since Adele‘s record 21, and now she’s 25! 25 is also the name of the new album from the very vocally talented soulful British singer. The first single from 25 is “Hello”, and it’s already a much welcome addition for Adele fans who’ve been awaiting her next record.


With three #1 hit singles in her accolades (“Set Fire To The Rain“, “Someone Like You“, and “Rolling In The Deep“), it’s possible that Adele took a year off for each accomplishment. Hey, why not! That’s enough success to spend a few years traveling in order to celebrate.


Adele is sure to repeat the previous success of her record 21, with her new record 22, and even if not, her previous three #1 songs on the charts are more than most artists achieve in their entire careers.

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