Acoustic song version feud: Who does it best Taylor Swift Or Zayn Malik?

It would appear that Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift are having a song version feud at the moment. Both Taylor and Zayn Malik have recently released videos of acoustic versions of the single “I Don’t Want To Live Forever”, excluding each other.

As most fans of Taylor and or Zayn (and or of course fans of the motion picture Fifty Shades Darker) are aware, Taylor and Zayn do that song together as a single for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack

… although it looks as though they might be working on solo versions of the song for their personal albums possibly. “I Don’t Want To Live Forevr” was originally written by Taylor Swift, Sam Dew, and Jack Antonoff, and of course features Zayn Malik accompanying Taylor Swift on vocals.

Already an extremely famous and chart topping ssingle weeks before the release of the actual movie in theaters, it looks like Taylor and Zayn have decided to acoustically feud by use of the song for some reason. Is that something like doing a video titled “Pillow Talk” with your new girlfriend where there is goop running out of your ears? Celebrity Gossip