A few 2016 MTV VMA comments & highlights

Kanye West did another rant (and of course mentioned Taylor Swift during it, not to mention entering the stage to the track of “Famous”, where they although censored the lyric ‘bitch‘ (whereas they probably didn’t have to actually). Allow Yee to reintroduce himself. Kanye took the opportunity to explain his reasoning behind some of his controversial statements and such.


Rihanna opened the show with a medley of songs, wherein she did so with a choreographed dance routine (not really something usual for Rihanna).

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Britney Spears did a high energy dance and very obviously lip-synced performance, wearing what had to be maximum strength movie style makeup of some kind, wherein she did some provocative dance moves on rapper G-Eazy.


The Chainsmokers performed, and their lead singer could obviously not hear the key of the song good enough possibly? Aren’t there any talented rock bands these days that enough people like for them to play the VMAs?

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Ariana Grande‘s performance (where she more than proved that she is the kind of songbird (although she still kinda seems like daddy’s little molested 14 year old pageant queen) that can move around while maintaining vocal excellence) featured Nicki Minaj and ended with she and Minaj getting provocative with two dancers (with moments like those, it probably was a must the MTV had to sensor Kanye West’s ‘bitch’ lyric in regards to Taylor Swift, in order to not get fined).

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Beyonce gave a high production value 15 minute hip-hop rock opera performance that was as artistically theatrical as it was well performed (and should probably be given an award in and of itself). If she took that kind of show on the road that would really be something, something.

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Alessia Cara did an awesome performance live outside at Madison Square Garden where she emerged from a smokey subway.

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Rapper Future delivered the most bleeped performance and was introduced by Olympian Michael Phelps.

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Rihanna closed out the show with another flawless performance, that although wasn’t anywhere close to the production value of Beyonce’s performance, it was just as awesome.

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Rihanna was then presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award by Drake (who kinda seemed like he wanted to propose to her).

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