22 year married couple Kris & Bruce Jenner officially begin divorce


The irreconcilable differences of Kris & Bruce Jenner have been filed this Monday, Sept. 22., to be finalized a year from now. It’s official, now they can have sex with new people whenever they want to without the guilt, or being co-dependent. Sources indicate that Kris Jenner was mainly first motivated to file for orce because Bruce Jenner had not taken part in producing the more invaluably famous of Kris Jenner’s children (Kourtney, Kim, & Khloe, however not Rob). The phrase “I want half” from Bruce Jenner’s lawyers has probably already sent fear up the spine of Kanye West for not making Kim Kardashian sign a pre-nup (or maybe it’s his plan to eventually unconditionally take half also). Kris & Bruce Jenner’s offspring are Kylie & Kendall.

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